Thumbs up to the good guys.


You sure would like to give an opportunity to the well-mannered IT guys that your cousin think is so perfect for you. But he’s got that little white concentrate of saliva goo that stretches when he speaks and it’s just plain disgusting!

In short, you’ve had enough of getting your ears harped with the promotion of the “good guy” who should be given a chance. It seems that, in general, you prefer whining about the bastards who treat you like chopped liver than having a calm and loving relationship.

In part, what is displeasing about the good guys is that, in addition to not being particularly handsome, they are clumsy and have a distinct tendency to be “too nice”. Plus, the more they are generous and attentive, the more the sweat circles under the armpits are wide. Women want a man who makes their heart tremble, not the cup in their saucer.

They like a prospect that keeps them on their toes by replying two days later to their text message of 500 words with a thumbs up. They don’t want someone who writes them on the same day. Some of them even reply immediately. What kind of respectful loser attitude is this?

Girls don’t want anything to do with the chubby neighbor who warmly says « Hello there!» Every time he embarks in his Pontiac Aztec. They long for some kind of vroom in their plexus. It has to rip a bit, even if it means refraining from saying “Ouch” when they are courted in the back, cheek crushed against a brick wall.

A good guy will be there for a damsel in distress, they will worry about their well being and will find interesting everything that comes out of their bullshit mill. Isn’t it lame ? Convenient for moving day and to feel beautiful, mind you, but women need a challenge, to doubt themselves a tad. Right, girls? It keeps you humble.

Anyway, your current boyfriend understood many things recently. He apologized, he promised not to do it again and you feel he is changing … It’s about time, because you deserve to be loved. Why can not you be loved properly? You are good girls, after all!

What I want to share with this passive-aggressive delirium is that the good guy might be awkward just because you trouble him, no ? Under his virgin-beige jacket may be hiding the body of an Adonis. Behind the hair t-shirt probably beats a heart of gold. Under the baldness combed to the side surely bubbles a sharp mind that will capture your complexity and your fragility.

So, the next time you flirt, when a stud makes you weak at the knees, look straight over his shoulder. You see? Behind your kind of male? That specimen with this impossible mustache who’s eating the skin of his thumb while pretending to read his coaster? Right there. That’s the man of your life.

Or not…

But you have now increased your odds of being cherished beyond your hopes, my honey bunnies.

However, if you prefer to continue playing love yo-yo with “bad boys” who treat you like shit, don’t call me in tears after breaking up for the thirtieth time. I don’t know what to tell anymore for the self-injury to stop.

Good guys of all stripes, I’m pulling for you! However, take the shirt out of your pants and wipe the corners of your lips ! I’m working hard for you lads but, for heaven’s sake, help yourselves and sex up!


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