Just smile!


Always feeling the joys of life and knowing how to look on the bright side are great qualities to have if you really do possess them. Otherwise, the silver lining tarnishes easily, especially when one is a lucid cynic with an acid tongue.

In parallel, expressing the disdain of your existence, being a sarcastic whiny bitch and getting discouraged for a simple broken nail can irritate many aspirants of rolling in bliss and petals.

In fact, the “beauty of life” spans a broad spectrum, an unstable curve that oscillates between deploying your bosom in laughter while you wet your velvet dress in an Italian fountain and crying your broken toe curled into a bed bug infested mattress.

We lie, we encourage ourselves: all is well, all is well! Smile! A positive thought on Facebook! Smile! We grin for cameras and friends! Just smile! A pill, a drink or a new toy to forget our sense of powerlessness on this planet that spins out of control in resonance with our own vehicle skidding on its lifeline.

-How are you, Christine?

– I’m ok. I do my best…

– Good! Good! Gratitude!

– Wha’?? Ha, yes … I’m grateful for the things I have. Yes. Beside my yeast infection. That I’d rather not have.

– Uh! Well, er … ‘T’was fun seeing you. God bless and Namaste!

– Mmm, ok, thanks. But not so much “Namaste” as “Monistat”, if you get my drift…

Nowadays, there is a fake Zen pop attitude that swings my mood into a greater scowl.

We don’t know how to react to the moping blues, the gray areas, and the bloody reds. Maybe we can manage our own little end of the universe, but not those of others.

Tell your colleagues that you bought a little Maltese dog, everyone will “Awwww» while weakening at the knees. Add that it’s to fill your loneliness that has become unbearable, and it will create a chill around the coffee machine, I guarantee it!

Or, try listening to the neighbor talking about his wife’s cancer without finishing the conversation with a “Well, I’m sure if she stays positive, she can beat it!” While shaking stupid thumbs up and squinting your face pinched between empathy and diarrhea.

We prefer a happy lie than a sad truth. Come on! Smiiiile! Life is Beautiful!

The exception is when the outrage and grief becomes unanimous. We are the world, we are the children, we are the pink ribbons and we are Charlie Hebdo. Then, we can express how life is an unfair whore. But in the personal things, it is best not to complain much.

Yet naming the ugly does not detract from recognizing beauty and naming it as well. To focus on the positive is good. But be careful of hypocrisy rolled up in a rose coloured glossy wrapping, you could choke on it.

It is our duty to say when it’s not going that well, too. To say that life is bad these days is okay. It’s human. And ugliness is lovely against the too perfect, in a wabi-sabi way, as twisted as this blog. Chaos is the nature of life, the magnificent lotus that grows in shit.

Just the same, we should say «My life is wonderful as ever! » when, in fact, it is. Wow, seriously, that’s great! Truly! Don’t we love, love, love those moments? Enjoy it! It won’t last…

In short, if you could please not push your agenda of happiness on the misfortune of others, that’d be swell.

For my part, I will try not to lower your spirits too much with my stories…


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